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It is a different type of crime than existed in the 1950's, 60's...90's.  It is different.

It is more desperate; it has more faces; more outlets; in short, it has evolved.

In order to combat this evolution, private security officer services must also evolve--or crime will win.

"Security2000--" a philosophical and scientific approach to combat "Crime2000--" has been adapted through the experience and resources of CD Systems, LLC:  and the "CD" stands for "Crime Deterrence."

The professional men and women who manage CDS believe that the way to fight crime is to keep it from happening in the first place; to design approaches to different types of crime, specifically-targeted to keep these types of crime from happening.  We apply our decades of private security experience to make it possible for our clients to relinquish their concerns for safety at their businesses; churches; apartment complexes; restaurants, bars, and taverns;  construction sites--any type of business concern that you may have--to CDS.  We have seen it all, and done it all...

...and when you relinquish your security concerns to us, you can concentrate fully on your business.

You see above the continued emphasis upon the term "PRIVATE Security Officer Services:"  it is because we have seen in the past many times that--even though Police Officers are considered the preferred method of providing safety, it has been proven that it is much preferable to have your OWN security force:  one that works for YOU; one that is like a member of your own staff; one that has a vested interest not only in the security circumstance, but the success of your business as a partner.

It is the wave of the future--and CDS is at the forefront of that wave.  Our officers are virtually indistinguishable from the police in form, fit, and function--not the "Toy Cops," to borrow from an old phrase--but PROFESSIONALS which allow the prices to be practical and make having your OWN security force attainable.  Even the United States Government employs Private Security in 2012:  perhaps it is a good idea for you to consider, then?

NOW:  we also realize that it is best to get certain practical considerations out of the way as quickly as possible--otherwise, these features we describe here have little value.  We will keep it simple:

A.  Our private security officer services come in many forms:  watchmen (observe and report), unarmed security, armed security, special forces, and off-duty police officers;

B.  Our private security officer services are set up with a contractual agreement that is NON-BINDING:  it can be terminated by our clients AT ANY TIME without any penalties or attachments: if we fail to satisfy, we LEAVE without further considerations

C.  CDS carries $1,000,000 dollars in liability insurance (Western Indemnity Insurance Company) to protect our clients; this insurance is provided with a Certificate (specifically for the client) which guarantees their coverage

D.  CDS will provide private security officer services for you from as little as ONE DAY A YEAR to EVERY DAY, 24 hours a dayEVERYONE can enjoy the enhanced benefits that CDS provides without being concerned about "locked-in" contracts, or "minimum usage" terminology:  we have a system which can be applied to YOU for your needs without any pressure whatsoever: WE ARE THERE WHEN YOU NEED US, and only then...

E.  COSTS vary from situation to situation--but it remains a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION TO ANSWER:  the AVERAGE cost for an unarmed security officer (the most common) is $13.50 per hour; armed officers are $17.50 per hour; special forces officers (SWAT-grade officers) are $24.95 per hour; and off-duty police officers are $29.50 per hour.  Remember:  these are estimated averages from our database of sampled real-time costs over the years, and may vary slightly higher or lower in your situation...

Now That I have established the important details about CDS, the Company--it is time to give you information so you can decide the TYPE of officer that fits your security needs best!










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